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(Adapted from Salty All at Sea, written by Lee Pressman)

It was a quiet day at Brendam Docks, until a large ship moored up. It was full of cargo that was to be delivered across the island.
"I didn't think ships this large moored up here!" Porter remarked.
"There must be rough seas, matey," said Salty. "In windy weather like this, captains will take any mooring spot they can get."
"Salty is right," said a voice. The dock manager walked over from his office. He had important news. "Sir Topham Hatt has been informed of the change, and you two must arrange a train for this shipment to be transferred to. BoCo is coming to collect it shortly."
"Aye aye, Sir!" Salty hooted.
"I knew you two would be up for the task," said the dock manager. He turned to walk away, then swung round again.
"I forgot to tell you that you have a special assignment, Salty."
"What kind of assignment?"
"One of Barrow's shunters is out of commission for a while, so Sir Topham has recommended you to take his place until he's repaired." Salty felt honoured.
"I'll do the best I can!"
"Unfortunately, there's a hitch. The bridge at Vicarstown is under repair, so you'll have to go by sea. This ship will take you as soon as your job here is complete." The dock manager left, leaving Salty feeling terrified.
"Are you alright, Salty?" Porter asked, "you look like you've seen a ghost!" Salty said nothing.
"Just leave him," Cranky growled. "You've got more important things to worry about. Now go and fetch some trucks!" Porter did so, still worried about Salty.

While the saddle-tank engine was gone, Salty hurriedly reversed out of the docks, when he smashed into some empty trucks!
"Watch where you're going, buzzbox!" one yelled.
"Sorry, matey," sighed Salty. "I'm just..."
"We don't care! We have to go to Wellsworth, and no engine has come for us yet!" This gave Salty an idea, and without another word, he pushed the trucks up the line.

Porter had shunted the last few trucks into place. He was more worried than ever.
"I've never known Salty to act like this."
"Probably because you've only known him two years." said Cranky in a snarky way.
"Regardless," Porter wheeshed, "I'm going to find him." And he set off.
"Wait!" a workman shouted, "where's the brake van?" But Porter didn't care about brake vans; he just wanted to find his friend.
"Hello, Porter!" whistled Timothy cheerfully as they passed each other. "How are..."
"No time to talk, Tim. I've got a friend to find!"

Salty had arrived at Wellsworth yard. Jinty was there arranging a passenger train.
"Salty? What are you doing here?"
"Where's our train?!" The two engines could overhear grumbling from the nearby station.
"I'm sorry," said the stationmaster, "but there are no engines available. You'll just have to take the next scheduled train, I'm afraid!"
"Edward was supposed to take them," Jinty explained to Salty, "but he's been delayed at Knapford Junction."
"I could take them!" hooted Salty. And before Jinty could say anything else, the dockside diesel headed to the station.

The stationmaster and the passengers were very confused when Salty pulled in. So was Jinty, but he shunted the coaches into place anyway.
"What a quaint little engine!" said one of the passengers as they boarded.
"What's going on?" the stationmaster asked. Salty's driver explained.
"We were in the yard and overheard the predicament, so we thought we'd help out."
"Yes, but... what are you doing here? You're meant to be stationed at the docks."
"Well..." Suddenly, the guard's whistle blew.
"Sorry, cap'n, but we have to go!" Salty called, and he set off.
"SALTY! WAIT!" Porter panted. But it was no use. He'd already gone.

Edward had finally been cleared, and was almost at Wellsworth when...
"Salty? What are you doing this far from Brendam?" But Salty was so focused on his job that he ignored Edward.

Porter was still at Wellsworth station. Speeding after Salty had almost emptied his water tank. He was about to reverse into the yard for more when Edward puffed in.
"Porter? What are you doing here?"
"I've been trying to get answers from Salty," Porter replied, and he explained about the situation. "Can you try for me? Please? I'm getting really worried about him."
"I'll see what I can do. You just get yourself back to the docks. I'm sure there'll be a backlog of goods without a rostered engine there." Porter was very grateful, and he puffed into the yard to take on water before his journey home.

Salty, meanwhile, had reached Knapford. Thomas steamed in with Annie and Clarabel.
"Edward? You've changed a bit!" he chuckled
"I'm not Edward, matey. I'm Salty, the dockside diesel!"
"Then what are you doing away from a dockyard?" At that moment, Salty's guard blew his whistle.
"Sorry, no more time to talk, me hearty!" And he rolled away. Thomas was rather bemused.
"What a strange engine. How Edward and BoCo cope with him, I'll never know."

At last, Salty arrived at Tidmouth.
"Thank you," said one of the passengers. "You're a very helpful engine."
"No trouble at all, cap'n!" said Salty. Suddenly, the Fat Controller stepped out of his office to board the Vicarstown Flyer.
"Got to go!" Salty stammered. But he was in such a state that his driver found him hard to handle. He lurched forward.
"Steady, boy!" he called. But as he reached for the brake lever, there was a loud crash.

The Fat Controller heard the commotion and rushed over. Salty had hit the buffer stop and the platform behind it.
"What are you doing here, Salty? And what were you thinking of smashing in to the station?"
"I'm sorry, sir. But..."
"You've caused confusion and delay," continued the Fat Controller. "Now, I'll have to rearrange timetables to accommodate the fact that one of the platforms will be out of action for a while because you wanted to... what, exactly?"
"I didn't mean to, cap'n" Salty protested, "but I thought I'd be in trouble if you saw me and... I panicked."
"Why would I have been mad? You helped some passengers in need to get home! That was very kind."
"But I was meant to be going to Barrow. The Vicarstown bridge is out of action and I'm... scared of water, so I wanted to avoid the ship at all costs." The Fat Controller considered what he would say next. Then he saw that Edward had arrived during the conversation.
"Take Salty to the Motor Power Depot please, Edward. He needs looking over, and a serious heart to heart with another engine." Edward was coupled up, and he shunted Salty away.

They soon arrived at the Motor Power Depot, a small workshop behind the sheds.
"I've never heard of a dockside engine being scared of the sea," chuckled Edward.
"I'm not scared of the sea, matey. I'm scared of traveling on it. Those violent waves... The... sea monsters... It's just so... dangerous out there!"
"Railways are pretty dangerous, too, and we carry on just fine," retorted Edward. "I think all of those stories you've told have gone to your engine." Salty laughed.
"You're probably right there, lad. Maybe I shouldn't take them all so seriously in future."
"Right you are," smiled Edward. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd better get back to Wellsworth. I've got my own work to do, and a certain saddle tank engine to reassure." Salty gasped.
"Porter! I completely forgot about him! ...wait, he followed me to Wellsworth?"
"He was worried about you. You have a very good friend in him; maybe it would help if you opened up to him more." Salty agreed, and Edward puffed away.

Salty was repaired a few days later. The Fat Controller came to see him.
"I'm sorry about everything that's happened, sir," Salty said again.
"Not to worry; the platform was easily repairable, as were the buffers."
"But what about Barrow harbour?"
"They had to hire Diesel instead. But that hire period has now expired, and you're free to take the ship over there if you're up for the job."
"Thank you, sir!" Salty was delighted. The Fat Controller smiled, then returned to the station to make the arrangement.

Late that afternoon, the dockside diesel returned to Brendam.
"You're back!" whistled Porter. "I'm so glad you're alright!"
"Aye, matey. But I won't be here for long; I'm heading to Barrow via ship very soon."
"So, you've gotten over your fear?"
"No. But I have a job to do, and that's more important." Porter was proud of his friend.
"You're very brave. We'll miss you."
"What do you mean 'we'?" called a voice from above. The two engines looked up and laughed.

That evening, all the engines from the Brendam branch and the Sodor China Clay Company arrived at the docks to see Salty off. Cranky slowly lifted him up.
"Bon voyage!" hooted BoCo.
"Have a great time over there!" Edward called.
"Make sure you do us Sudrian dockside engines proud," whistled Porter.
"Just don't sink on the way there!" chuckled Bill.
"Or back!" added Ben.
"Behave, you two." Timothy snapped.
"Yes, daddy!" said Bill, pretending to feel hurt.
"I'll... miss you." mumbled Cranky as he lowered Salty onto the ship.
"What was that, cap'n?" Salty asked.
"I'll miss you, is that better?" Cranky grumbled.
"Much," smiled Salty. The workmen chained the diesel to the deck. The ship hooted loudly and slowly pulled away. Salty was still rather anxious of the journey ahead, but he was very excited about the adventures that lay ahead.
Due to Viacom's utter incompetence, I've not been able to release any series 19 reviews as there hasn't been a UK version of the episode this is based on, so I've had to keep my cards close to my chest.

I've seen the US version, however, and I do have an opinion on it. Here's a spoiler alert: I don't think it's that good as it's full of missed opportunities. So, I've decided to give it a bit of re-write.
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736berkshire Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016
I like this a lot better than the actual episode. Nice job, Chris.
DonaldDouglasToby Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015
This is a lot better than the episode. Porter's brilliant and Bill and Ben's moment with Timothy was spot-on. And Salty makes sense. :P
GWRbrony13 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's not Viacoms fault that the UK dubs aren't out, milkshake is to blame, it's already been said that there holding back the 5 Christmas episodes and the others. It's unusual that the others are being held back, but still. I'm not trying to be rude, and I'm sorry If I came across as such. Anyway I have enjoyed the rewrite and I hope you enjoyed writing this as much as I did reading it.
ThomasandStanley Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Viacom owns Channel 5. There were very few issues before then, but now this has happened. That's why I blame Viacom. If they can screw over Nickelodeon and SpongeBob, you'd better believe that they'll do the same to a small UK terrestrial channel
GWRbrony13 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your kidding me, Viacom now owns channel 5?

Living embodiment of the I don't want to live on this planet anymore meme
ThomasandStanley Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
ChipmunkRaccoonOz Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not bad. ;)
invisiblemario17 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
Keep on an eye on this channel:…

From what I can gather, Australia airs the UK dub point-for-point, so Salty All At Sea might come at some point. :)
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